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Baroque Horse Article

Carla just published a new article in the renowned international magazine Baroque Horse. Read it [here]

New Clinic Structures!

Either choose a "ready-made" "Centered Riding" or "Yoga and Horse Riding" clinic or create your own with the new module system: body awareness, group and private lessons and you choose what you would like to attend.

Centered Riding Clinic Days

  • 10th-12th Jun: Centered Riding at the Sacramento Horse Expo - Please come by and say hello!
  • 17th Jul: Clinic Day Ride, Trust & Connect program
  • 24th Jul: Centered Riding Clinic at Equitopia Center - Fairfield, CA
  • 27th-28th Aug: Centered Riding Clinic - Summer Wind Ranch - Sacramento
  • 14th-16th Oct: Centered Riding Clinic - Sonoma County
  • January 2017: Centered Riding Clinics in Germany and Denmark


Something totally new and exciting for horse people is here: [Ride, Trust & Connect]. My brand new 90-day program for improving the partnership between you and your horse.


Book Carla for virtual training sessions - she will watch you riding via SKYPE video while giving you direct instructions over your mobile phone. [more]

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