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Ride Better . Feel Safer . Connect Deeper

“Who wouldn’t want to become a better person for their horse? I can help you with that…”


Ride Better

Feel Safer

Connect Deeper

“Who wouldn’t want to become a better person for their horse? I can help you with that…”


“Working with you, Carla, has been one of the most profound and deeply moving experiences I have had. Transformation on all levels …”

Sing, happy customer from California

The Idea 

The idea behind connected and balanced riding is to find mental and physical alignment of the rider and their horse. Harmony and joy find their expression in this style of riding.

Connected and balanced riding is the training method for owners who want to improve their centering, balance, awareness and flexibility while improving the strength, health, mental and physical balance of their horses. Riders at all levels – from beginners to trainers – find support and new ideas on how to improve their skills and techniques.

Our goal is to develop an individual solution which makes learning the techniques fun and enjoyable for both you and your horse. Through an atmosphere of mutual trust, learning happens in a relaxed and effective way.


My FREE gift for YOU:

Find out what conscious balanced riding will do for you and your horse.

Rider Assessment Session

A fun, relaxed and supportive 1:1 phone conversation with Carla.

Together we will explore what YOU would like to improve in your riding and the partnership with your horse.

Take advantage of this great opportunity and schedule a session. It’s absolutely free with no obligations to you.


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Master Class OnLine – July 2020

1 September 2020
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Distance Learning – OnLine Courses

Now Available!

Distance Learning for many programs

Did you know? Many of the Connected Balanced Riding programs are available OnLine as well. So, your rider community can practically be anywhere in the world and you can still benefit from my programs by just attending OnLine over live workshops, webinars, in the group or in a personal phone conversation with me. Simply over phone and internet – no technical challenges. Support available.

Distance Learning

Learn how to meditate with and without your horse.
Understand emotions like fear and anger.
Balance your body in the saddle and in life.


A 6-months distance learning program that will change your life, not only by becoming a better rider…
Next class will start in October 2020.

Our new Facebook Group!

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It’s simply called CB Riding

It’s all about riding, it’s all about horses, it’s all about improving our riding and the partnerships with our horses. Come join it.

It’s fun!

Centered Riding Clinic

Centered Riding Clinic OnLine

These days are tough, no question, we all have to stay at home. Let's use this time for some hours of learning and fun from the comfort of our homes.

Therefor I developed an Online Version of my popular Centered Riding Clinic.

Learn to  FEEL your horse!

Next Centered Riding Clinic OnLine will be on Sunday, April, 26 2020

ride.trust.connect – 6-months program

Learn how to meditate with and without your horse. Understand emotions like fear and anger. Balance your body in the saddle and in life


6-months program

Starting soon

ride.trust.connect intro course

Did you know your horse can lifecoach you?

Join my


intro course

Learn an exciting new way to connect deeply to your horse in the saddle and on the ground.

Distance Learning - from the comfort of your home.

Next Intro Courses

  • New starts frequently throughout the year


Master Class Programs

The Master Class Programs are designed to create a vital connection between horse and rider that enhances both the rider’s and horse’s experience and enjoyment. OnSite or OnLine learning – whatever fits best to you and your horse.

ride.trust.connect Programs

This 6-months distance learning program is a transformational experience for both you and your horse. Your horse will become your life coach. There is also an intro course for just $37. PLUS my brand-new FREE Starter Kit. Or, how about a 1:1 individual VIP program – just you and me? All that from the comfort of your home.

Centered Riding Clinics

Clinics are an effective and joyful way to improve your riding and learn lots of new things in the companion of like-minded people. Give it a try and book me for a free mini workshop at your barn.

Free CB Riding Presentations

Conscious balanced riding programs would be a perfect value for you and your friends at your barn. I offer free OnSite presentations at barns in Central California. For rider communities else where an OnLine presentation will be the most convenient alternative to learn about the benefits of a conscious balanced riding program.

CB riding Master Class OnSite

Finally, we can gather again for our OnSite Master Classes. I missed working live with my students and their horses a lot those days when we all had been forced to stay at home.
However, I think, we all know how important it is to not taking any risk. For your safety I will keep on wearing a mask and also will ask any of my students wearing masks and keeping social distancing throughout the OnSite classes.
Currently enrollments are open for new OnSite Master Classes which will be scheduled all over Central California. [more]

For anyone outside the Greater Bay Area, for those who prefer learning from the comfort of home, or if you just don’t like trailering your horse: Do you know my proven Distance Learning program?

Master Class OnLine

6 months of Step by Step Learning
with a lot of Personal Support from Carla.

Joyful Distance Learning for you; no matter where you and your horse live.

As a member of this program you will pay just $195 per months for 6 exciting months loaded with lots of joy and Aha-Experiences.

Interested? Go to the Check Out and save your spot in the next

Master Class OnLine


  • Licensed trainer level A of German National Federation (FN) – highest trainer level in Germany
  • Centered Riding instructor level 3 – licensed by Sally Swift since 1994
  • In India professionally qualified as a YOGA teacher – focused on physical and mental awareness
  • More than 20 years of experience in instructing horses and riders


About Carla

Carla Bauchmueller has been passionate about horses since her childhood and is a respected and noteworthy trainer of both horses and riders throughout Germany and Europe. She has a wide range of qualifications and has worked with many prestigious trainers over the last 20 years.

Carla began her training from a young age in dressage and show jumping. After completing high school, she attended the University of Muenster, Germany where she earned a degree in economics and then went on to do 2 years of full-time training at the FS-Equestrian Center in Reken, Germany, an innovative center for leisure riders for over 30 years. (Linda Tellington wrote her first book here).

Over the years, she has become familiar with different styles of riding such as western and classical Spanish and French dressage riding and in the process has worked with a variety of horses and riders.

Carla is accredited by the German National Federation for horse riding (FN – Federation National) and achieved the highest level, that of trainer level A.

In addition to her accreditation by the German National Federation, she is a level 3 Centered Riding Instructor and has been licensed by Sally Swift since 1994. During her years of teaching and riding, she has continued to see different trainers as a way to improve her own abilities so that she employs a wide range of techniques and talents.

As a means to better understand balance, she studied yoga and became an instructor, improving her ability to train riders and use exercise effectively. It is through her own intuition that she finds what her students need, tailoring to their individual situations, and finds the best course of action.

Carla currently is a traveling riding instructor, with clients in Europe and the US, working with owners who want to improve their riding abilities through clinics and private lessons and having their horses trained. She lives in California with her husband.


Carla is a member of the


Horse Experts team

Happy Clients

Carla has a great abililty to observe. She carries out fast but highly qualified precision work and at the same time she holds a lot of empathy for the rider and the horse. She is patient and creative in dealing with humans and horses. She lets us feel that we found the solution ourselves. Carla pedagogical and training`s approach are – compared to other systems – incredibly effective in correcting posture and balance. Her training is very effective with lots of short cuts. And Carla´s training makes you feel light and happy.

Karin Wyrtz

Psychotherapist, Denmark

Today I was riding a very nervous mare, she’s very fast in this nervous mood, always shaking her head and it’s very difficult to communicate with her, relax her and concentrate her. In this situations, I always feel like I’m trying to talk to her through very thick wall and she can’t hear me! But today, I was just thinking about soft eyes, umbrella breathing and building my blocks and it was absolutely different!! After I started using soft eyes and umbrella breathing, she slowly calmed down and after a while, she was absolutely relaxed.. She even stopped shaking her head! It was really great feeling and I was so happy! Till the end of the lesson, she didn’t get nervous again and she was really concentrated and satisfied, really amazing for us both.

Terka Blechová

Thank you, Carla, for the help with my riding yesterday.  I very much enjoyed learning from you and it will serve me well on the trail.  You have so much to offer.



I learned so much today! Your lesson was worth several traditional lessons. It is a good way of introducing riders to you. I’ve never said this to anyone, but perhaps you should increase your price. My horse thanks you, too.



After 15 years of not riding, I felt taken care of and taken seriously by Carla.

Lotte Beck

Highschool Teacher, Denmark

Thank you for a wonderful morning with so much good stuff to learn and remember. Tonic says thank you as well, we had a wonderful ride this afternoon.



Vibeke Schwerin


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