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ride.trust.connect intro course

Did you know your horse can lifecoach you? Join my ride.trust.connect intro course! Learn an exciting new way to connect deeply to your horse in the saddle and on the ground. Distance Learning - from the comfort of your home.


Hello California!

We - my husband, our dog Colubus and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am very happy to be here and looking forward to getting to know lots of people and horses. So feel free to contact me.

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The Psoas Muscle

The Psoas Muscle - one of the most important muscles in our body, for riding but also for good posture in every day life. This is a good, short article on the psoas to give you a first impression. Just click on the link below. We will work a lot on the Psoas...

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Welcome Post

Welcome! Welcome to our member page! I am excited that we have our own page now - independent of facebook 🙂 This will be an international group. We already have 3 countries: the US, Germany and Denmark! Let's make this forum fun, educational and alive. I will need...