Jan 02 2021 - Jun 30 2021



Energetic Oneness – Intuitive Rider Online Program (6 months)

Ride, Trust And Connect To Your Horse Like Never Before!

You’ll feel a deep connection to your horse on a soul level that you didn’t even know was possible.

Become an intuitive rider and leader for your horse and connect with your horse on a “no-mind level”… so that you can finally be the horse person your horse and you want you to be.

Gain more clarity around what is important to you in your life, and become empowered to follow your dreams… experience a sense of calm and unshakeable groundedness in our crazy world…

Plus find deep connection and support in this group of like-minded people


The content in these 6 months of distance learning program will be

Module 1: Setting Clear Boundaries

Make your relationship with your horse and with people more full-filling by being clear about your boundaries.

Module 2: Body Awareness

Make the mysterious “rider’s feel” your own and become an intuitive rider.

Module 3: Fear vs. Confidence

Overcome your fears in riding and in life for more freedom.

Module 4: Anger vs. Grounding

Your horse will sometimes trigger anger and frustration. Become clear and authentic with these uncomfortable emotions.

Module 5: Feel What They Feel

Understand what your horse wants to tell you.

Module 6: Joy & Enthusiasm

Reconnect with joy as an antidote to perfectionism and the frustration that results from it.

Program Language:


Start of the Program:

January 2021

Price of the Program:

6 x $275 payable monthly by credit card subscription

Total price for 6 months = $1650

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