May 01 2021 - Oct 31 2021



ride.trust.connect – 6 Months Program

Do you know what your horse really wants to tell you?

Do you know what you are actually telling your horse?

Are you secretly afraid of your horse?

Do you experience any doubt about your abilities as a rider?

Do you fear there’s something important missing but you don’t know what that is?

I can help you with these issues!

Become the horse person you and your horse want you to be. For a trustful connection.

In this distance education program your horse, myself and a small group of like-minded horse women will support you in your inner journey with your horse. This will be 6 months of coaching from me in a small group setting (max 5 participants) on topics like mutual respect vs control, confidence vs fear, improving balance and body awareness, and much more through:

  • 3 phone coaching calls a month.
  • One 1:1 session with me for extra support.
  • Videos on each of the topics for your practice with your horse.
  • Audio lessons that you can listen to while riding or being with your horse.
  • Cheat sheets to help you remember the things you learned.
  • Members only: Once a month live Q&A Calls with me personally.
  • Members only Facebook group.
  • Bonus videos.
  • You can send in two of your own videos a month for me to critique.

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