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The Intro Course

Get started on your journey with Carla’s personal support.

Would you like to learn an exciting new way to connect deeply to your horse in the saddle and on the ground?

Learn how to…

  • find your power and personal space to gain your horse’s respect,
  • improve your body awareness to find a centered and safe position in the saddle and on the ground.
  • connect to your horse heart-to-heart in a no-mind state.

How it works:

There will be two live conference calls (only your phone needed for this), and 1 one-to-one coaching call with Carla. If you can’t make the calls, you will receive the recordings along with support material.

Course Schedule

The 60-minute calls will be Thursdays at the following times:
7:00 pm Pacific Time / 10:00 pm Eastern Time

October Course:
1. call: October, 3 2019
2. call: October, 10 2019

November Course
1. call: November, 14 2019
2. call: November, 21 2019

If you can’t make these times, email me at There will be alternative times available.

Next RTC intro course starts November, 14th 2019








The regular price for this starter program is $197.

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You will safe $150!

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6-months Program

Life Coaching With Your Horse

A transformational experience for both you and your horse.