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Ride Trust Connect – the Master Class

The Program

What you will get with this program


The Ride Trust & Connect Master Class program is designed to create a vital connection between horse and rider that enhances both the rider’s and horse’s experience and enjoyment.

This program is a fantastic opportunity for you as a participant to fully take advantage of my expertise.

You will have my support for 12 months and be able to pick my brain on a daily basis via our own international member page.

We take a step by step approach to help you progress easily and naturally.

In the 12 months of working together in a very small group (4-8 participants) we will have 9 clinics that are building up on each other.


Next Master Class

will be in Hossmoor - Briones, CA
starting October 2019

Limited spaces in that exclusive group!

1) Video Critique, Analysis, the Baseline

We will explore together the following questions:

  • Where are you at right now?
  • Where do you want to go and what do you want to improve?

First off, you will be videoed in order to establish where your baseline is.

We will then critique the video and discuss together what your next steps are – what exactly will need to be worked on to improve both yourself, your riding and your horse.

You will also learn how to be videoed and critique your own video from here on out.

2) The Four Basics of Centered Riding
You will be mastering these four core principles of Centered Riding: Soft Eyes, Breathing, Centering, Balance.

You will experience deeply felt awareness and changes in your balance.

3) Following the Horse’s Movement
You will learn how to feel exactly how your horse moves under you, the large as well as extremely subtle movements. You will learn how you can use your seat in an efficient way so that you can direct your horse to do what you want it to do.

Your communication with your horse through your seat becomes almost invisible and the use of hands is minimalized.

4) Straightness of Rider
A straight rider distributes her weight evenly in the saddle, allowing the horse to move freely.

A rider in alignment frees up her spine and joints to fulfill the complicated task of responding to the horse’s movement and giving subtle aids.

5) Straightness of Horse
Straightness is crucial for horse and rider in order to find a perfect balance, alignment and self-carriage. Only a straight horse can truly use its back and will stay healthier for much longer.

You will learn correct lateral work which is a key ingredient for straightness.

In this clinic we will also continue with the fundamentals of in-hand work and longeing that can help your horse immensely and make your life as a rider much easier.

6) Video Critique
Midway through your experience you will get to see how much you’ve improved. You will be visually recorded again for critique, refinements, and improvements.
7) Soft Contact
Clinic 7 you will be working on a soft, steady contact to the horse’s mouth where you feel this subtle, precious connection to the horse. There is no need to pull or hold on or yank or jerk.

This will allow you to let go of the guilt of pulling on the reins.

8) Half Halts/Transitions
We will refine the communication between you and your horse. You will learn to subtly influence balance in transitions or for more collection.

Through your improved understanding and technique, your horse will learn to use his hind end better and improve his self-carriage.

9) Better Balance and More Fun with Arena Figures
You will get to explore the possibilities of arena figures, including the classical ones and various patterns that help improve your horse’s balance and bring fun and structure to your riding.
We will have live, on-the-ground and in-the-saddle clinic days supplemented by written material, audios and videos.

The international member page is an opportunity to ask questions, get motivation and celebrate successes in a community of like-minded people.

This experience is almost priceless. But this special small group program, is only $195 per month for 12 months.

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