Clinics are an effective and joyful way to improve your riding and learn lots of new things in the companion of like-minded people.

The training can be very thorough and there is time for theory, questions and video analysis. We develop individual solutions.


Some examples for clinics:

Clinics can have different topics, e.g.

  • Centered Riding
  • Dressage for leisure, competition and art
  • Ground and body work (Linda Tellington Jones)
  • Individual lessons
  • Yoga and horse riding 
  • ... or create your own combination

How it works:

Every content (e.g. turns, sideway movements, seat and balance in walk, trot or canter) can be prepared with body work and theory. A video analysis can be very helpful. It can be part of every clinic.

There will be 6 to 8 hours of teaching theory and practice every day.

The clinics can be 1 to 6 days long.

There are usually 5 to 10 participants.

Or create your own clinic by chosing from these modules:

Body awareness exercises (60 min) - $25

Body awareness exercises and group lesson - $80

Private lesson (30 min) - $60

or semi-private lessons (60 min) - $60

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Centered Riding Clinic Days

  • 17th Jul: Clinic Day Ride, Trust & Connect program
  • 24th Jul: Centered Riding Clinic at Equitopia Center - Fairfield, CA
  • 27th-28th Aug: Centered Riding Clinic - Summer Wind Ranch - Sacramento
  • 14th-16th Oct: Centered Riding Clinic - Sonoma County
  • January 2017: Centered Riding Clinics in Germany and Denmark

Details and further events are to be found at Events ≡

phone: +1 (510) 423 1936