Carla has a great abililty to observe. She carries out fast but highly qualified precision work and at the same time she holds a lot of empathy for the rider and the horse. She is patient and creative in dealing with humans and horses. She lets us feel that we found the solution ourselves. Carla pedagogical and training`s approach are - compared to other systems - incredibly effective in correcting posture and balance. Her training is very effective with lots of short cuts. And Carla´s training makes you feel light and happy.

Karin Wyrtz, physiotherapist, 35 years old, Denmark

25 years ago I took horse riding lessons but it was a horrible experience: At the school I went to I always got a young wild, energetic horse. After a month of trying I was so scared of this horse, that I quitted and never ever wanted to touch a horse again. I became convinced that there is a special “magical’ talent for horses that I do not have.
Now, after all this time, a good friend kept on inviting me to ride on her nice horse. I told her about my bad experiences in the past and my scares about horses. But she just told me about her horse riding teacher Carla who would have a different way of teaching and a special connection to horses. So I met Carla. She helped me overcome my fears by explaining me what went wrong with my first adventure. She also talked about gentle and conscious ways to connect to horses. I love listening her talking about horses - and people. I am really looking forward to my next lesson with her - and my horse.

Agnes Miklos-Illes, Piano teacher, California

....after 15 years of not riding, I felt taken care of and taking seriously by Carla.

Lotte Beck, Highschool teacher, 44 years old, Denmark

I learned to communicate with my horse so that she does what I want her to do.

Ib Smith, retired, 78 years old, Denmark

When I ride a horse, I want to turn into a centaur, being one with my horse. With Carla´s help this happens more and more often.

Working with Carla makes me understand that my horse is a medium for my inner growth: moving from brutal ruthlessness to friendly consistency, from a feeble absence of boundaries to powerful suppleness.

Vibeke Schwerin, Journalist and Landholder, 54 years old, Denmark

Dear Carla, after all those years I have just seen your website again. I was interested in seeing what had happened to the horse riding instructor I met 10 years ago. It looks like you have continued on your path. I remember how you helped us preparing for a show. Two riders with very different levels of experience. With your ideas, your enthusiasm and of course your good instructions we succeeded in riding this show. And I think it was not just me who enjoyed working on it.

At another occasion we changed two little wild Arabian yearlings into well-behaved little horses. Your calm and centered way of handling horses brought the well needed tranquility into it. These two horses are now 11 years old and have become reliable school horses.

We have always enjoyed your training and it brought a lot of new insights. Thank you for this.

Ute from Portugal

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